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T2 specialises in the production of machines and moulds for thermoforming, with over 40 years of experience in the sector.

The company began life towards the end of the 1960’s as SONDALPLAST, a company focused on making plastic products through both thermoforming and injection moulding.

In just a few years it developed into CICA, for the direct manufacturing of moulds.

In 1978 the name T2 collected under one brand the skills, know-how and experience of an internationally recognised business specialised in the manufacturing of moulds and entire thermoform product lines.

T2 is a forward looking international company guaranteeing advanced technology based on research and development in a sector that is constantly evolving.

T2 designs and builds complete product lines for thermoforming (forming, punching and trimming), relative moulds and accessories according to the needs of their clients while facing the changes and needs present in the market.

Experimentation and design are of fundamental importance.

Our products are varied, made to measure, sought after and competitive, and we guarantee collaboration at every stage, from the design to the manufacturing, to post-sales assistance.

The customer and their requirements are central to every project in order to guarantee the highest possible level of customization.


Why choose T2?

The design phase is the crucial moment in all business collaborations.

Professional expertise and consolidated experience in the areas of commercial consultancy and technical assistance make T2 able to respond efficiently and effectively to customer requirements.

The finished product is completely reliable and competitive thanks to T2’s experience in the sector and the use of high quality raw materials.

The constant technical and technological renewal of management systems and machine inventory, frequent training courses in the fields of mechanics and electronics, the highly specialised workforce and constant assistance pre and post-sales guarantee that T2 always offers cutting-edge products.

After-sales assistance

T2 guarantees constant pre and post-sales assistance, as well as an efficient consulting service. Customer requests and requirements are evaluated, studied and analysed with the customers themselves to identify the type of product that meets their needs perfectly.



Our designs are built on research and development of new solutions in line with the market and customer requirements.





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