T2 is an Italian company specialised in the production of machines and moulds for thermoforming plastic and paper materials.

The company develops its business from a background of 40 years of experience and market presence.

A technical and evolutionary synthesis between SONDALPLAST, a company founded at the end of the 1960s and specialised in the production of plastic items using both thermoforming and injection moulding techniques, and CICA, a company that has evolved and established itself in the direct mould production sector, T2 is an internationally recognised business reality. Synonymous with advanced technology and research and development in a constantly evolving sector.

The single- and multi-station thermoforming lines (forming, drilling and cutting), the related moulds and the entire range of accessories to complete them, turn T2 towards medium and large-sized companies providing a tailor-made, customised and specialised service. T2 interprets the needs of its customers and copes with changes and requirements in the market.

The offer to customers is varied, customised and designed for the offered product, guaranteeing collaboration at every stage, from design to implementation and to after-sales assistance.

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Modern information systems, a cutting edge technical laboratory and decades of experience gained from customer requests mean that the quality of our products just keeps getting better.