Thermoforming machines

The machines are available in various configurations according to the customer’s production requirements. These are thermoforming machines designed to meet the highest quality and production standards, with high reliability and productivity.

All the electronics on board the machine can always be managed remotely through remote diagnostics and remote maintenance. Some models of thermoforming machines can work in-line with accessories such as extruders or granulating mills. T2 lines are produced for the following market sectors:

Containers for the fruit and vegetable sector and egg packaging

  • PP and PET honeycomb containers
  • PP, PET, PLA and EPS baskets and trays
  • PET and PS hinged containers and trays

Restaurant, catering and food packaging products (meat and various proteins)

  • PET, PP, OPS gastronomy hinged containers
  • Trays in PP, PET, EPS and EPET
  • Paper and cardboard containers with and without plastic film

Products for the nursery sector

  • PS and PP seed trays
  • PP pots

Thermoforming Machines for Plastics

Plastics from reels, sheet and/or in-line with extruders.

Paper Forming

After years of Research and Development, T2 can now also present the market with a Line of Forming Machines for the paper industry.

Modern information systems, a cutting edge technical laboratory and decades of experience gained from customer requests mean that the quality of our products just keeps getting better.